Monday, November 28, 2011

Where is the LOVE?

Love? What did man do with love? Did they love each other like Romeo and Juliet? Ahaa~ We as a man, don't know about love yet. Only God know. Yeah! God know better than us, okay? Urmm~ My topic for today is about hurts. What hurts? Did love hurts us so much? No, aite? Hehehe. In my opinion, love was not blind at all. Love was really beautiful. And, we as a man can imagine how beautiful was love for us. Don't ever blame love. Man should be blame on this situation. We as man cruel to love. Not love cruel to us. You get what I mean now? Yeah, people! If you have a boyfriend nor girlfriend. You should appreciate them, okay? Don't hurts them so much. Don't cruel to them. Or not, one day you'll be regret when you're losing them. And, at that time the one that had been hurts will laugh at you! Hahaha. So, now. Ohh~ Btw, I don't wanna be a girl that easy to fall in love, eh. I mean, I don't easily believe in boys anymore. Ok, thank you. :)

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