Monday, November 21, 2011


hell! I'm tired of connect to this blog! Suck! Luckily, today I didn't out of mood just because of you! Bahh.. Today, I'm going to talk about smoking. Yep! I try to stop smoking liaw. Ohh! Damnass! Dumbass! I can't!!! What can I do now? I want to try that type of pills. You know what pills, aite? The one that always shown in TV. HAHA NiQuitine. Yah! I want to try it. Some of my friends said that, my throat will get easy to itchy. Ohh. Maybe that is the effect of it. So, how now Yee? You still want to try it? Yeah, sure! In another hand, my friends said it doesn't work at all. So, let's try it babeh. If it doesn't work. Try to kill myself then! Ohhh, no man! What should I do. What? What? And, what?!! Nothing can't stop me to smoke. And, my friends also can't make me stop! All I need is to change myself to stop! That's enough! Awww~ I can't stand anymore. Dah, let it be. I hope, I can't stop from now onward. Ohh~ God. Do make me strong enough to change like before. I want to get back my old attitude.An attitude that never be a bad girl like now! Now, I'm really a bad girl! You hear it people. I'm a bad bad bad person! Okay, bye.

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