Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Morning

Heyyy! Good Morning my Borneo-Island people. Yeahhh! What a pretty morning for me today. HAHA Bahhh.. Today I'm not going to school. Why? Not because I'm so lazy to go to school. There's nothing I gonna do at class later. Study by myself at school? Yeahhh.. Kinda not study at all. Talking to my friends a whole day long in the class. Better I'm not go and study by myself at home alone. Nobody will talking to me, aite? Just myself here. Mummy working ody. My little sister schooling also. I'm here alone. So, don't waste many time Yee. 7more days to SPM. Hell, yeah!! I can't wait for it! BOGGIS BUNCE BEAN! I love that words. HAHA So, after this I will turn on the TV. Not watching cartoon or stupid show. Mummy ask me to watching SPM TUTOR TV. Yeahhh! Study with TV. Talking to myself then. HAHA. Okay, now. Got to go liaw. Bye Bye! Good Morning BOGGIS BUNCE BEAN!

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