Sunday, October 30, 2011

What I want to say

Heyy! Bahhh~ Btw, long time I didn't post things here right? HAHA. Once again, I'm sorry for the late updated my Little Bloggie. ^^ So, what I'm gonna talk about for today, yah? About Him? Okay, I'm totally already break up with my special one. Hmmm~ not Christofer Balang. But, seriusly. I can't love Balang like I love Him. Really hard for me to open back my heart again to the other guys. See! I rejected all of guys that want me to be their Girlfie. Yeah! I really appreciated with what they did to me. Thanks to people that who are really loving me with full heart! ^^ I do love Him. I can't remove Him from my life. I don't know why He's so special for me. Oh, God. Please said that He also still love me. Oh, Damn! I wanna cry liaw~ I do miss Him so much! If I have a chance, I want to hug Him really TIGHT! Until, I can't let him go anymore. I know, His girlfie more better than me. All want to say for Him is * May God bless His relationship with that Girl. If He's happy, so am I * Oh, please! Don't cry. No No No and No! So, this for today. See ya! :')

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