Friday, September 9, 2011


HELL-YEAH! Okay. Today I'm going to talk about YOUNG? What I'm gonna to talk about YOUNG? Is it an interested topic for all of you? No! Shut your ass off! Yes! So, let me talk about it. Okay. Seems like I'm growing old? What the HELL?! I'm growing old? HAHA! Yeah, you're right people. Should I go back to my young life? No need, aite? So, just continue my life then. No more young Briey. HEHE! Just an old Briey. Why? Many people want to be young like before, aite? DAMN on it. When you were young, many things you can do. Such as, you can act cute.. act like stupid person.. act like crazy.. Am I right? And, when you were old. Can you make all that things? Cannot, aite! HAHA! That's the difference between YOUNG & OLD. So, you should appreciate your young life. Can you? HAHA! Do all things before you grown very old!! HAHA! Hmmpppp~ So pity. I want to be you forever. Can I? Can? I want too bahhhhh! I hate growing old. I want to be young forever & ever! FULLSTOP!

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