Thursday, September 15, 2011


Wahhh! Last Thursday, me, my friends & my kaunseling teacher went to UCSI University's for a talk & do some activities with UCSI crew. Yeah, we had a great time in there. All of us were very 'sakai'. Why 'sakai'? Before this, kami orang limpas je UCSI University ni. Tk pnah tngok kdaan kat dalam pon. Walopn dkat ngan skolah kami org pulak tu. HAHA okay. Jom, kite tengok pic s'sama!Dari kiri Nina, Ebi, Titus & Boni. Ate their lunch while looking at me. :D
From left also, Harrison.. Glenn.. Tereance & Nazrin( Ah Pek!) :D they act theirs silly face.
This one also, Jenn.. Riip.. Mavin.. Oswald & Wawan ^^
Wahhh! This awesome! We take pic with Canadian guy. Isn't he cute! lol! From left David(Canadian Boy), Jejen, Floo, Frans, Dora, Me & Ren..
This is my FORM.5 BIG FAMILY! I love all of them! Gaporian's student was awesome!!

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