Friday, July 22, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S We Are

This is how me & my friends met together. Yha! Our pic kinda terrible, right? But, i just don't care. Yha! Why? Cause, we are who we are! That's true! Nobody can't SEPARATE ONE OF US! I really mean it, DUDE! If u touch ONE of THEM without my PERMISSION. I'm really sure that you're be in a really big TROUBLE, NOOBS! Hell! I really mean, right? SHOUTITOUTDUDE! LoL! So, this is our first pic. Let's take a look......
Peter Sadar, Betthelyne Saran, Me, Virginia Sharen & Jenniffer Jawai..
Pete, Jen, Beth, Virgi & Me..
Me, Bebeth, Pepete, Jejen & Virgigi..
I'm KINDA LOVE THIS ONE! Jejen no here then! Sigh~

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