Friday, July 22, 2011

Share To You

Hey! There. I'm kinda bored at this middle of the night! Sight~ Nothing to do. Just listened to the song that were hanging around in my phone. Yeah, Dude! Btw, i have so much say before i shut down this lappy and go to sleep. Argghhhh~ Bhaa. 1st story.. Our school just finished SPORT DAY'S this afternoon. OHDAMN! So tired. My throat so sick. Gahhh! can't talk no more. Ngeee~ And, ' Rumah Paus ' won this year. Oh, my ' RUMAH MARLIN '. Just take a break then. Next year, go and ' lawan ' they back! Promise to MARLIN k? heheheks. Kinda crazy now. 2nd story.. Me & my friends go jamming this evening. Terrible! My throat ' makin sakit '! HELL! Sokayy.. Sorytee.. My BubuGugu just beside me tadi. Hahaha! So so so happy today, eh! Hang out with my friends together with him. Bluekkk! Do love him. 3rd story.. A girl that was so annoying for me! But, i don't care at all. What she want from me? What she gonna do to me. Let she be. I am who I am. As long as I do RESPECT you, SAYANG. You hear that? So shame on you dear. Don't you never think that a SENIOR girl have to RESPECT to a JUNIOR girl? Come on babe! No need to be ego anymore. There's no things for two of us to fight fight at. Be a grown up GIRL! Wake up! OPEN YOUR BIG EYES! You should know what is mean to be MATURED. Don't act like a CHILD anymore. Look FORWARD! Don't ever look BACKWARD. Try to be MATURED. Cause, you're grown up already. I will say this words to you '' I'M SO SORRY. '' Honestly. You know why I'm should say sorry to you? Cause, I'm wanna be MATURED! That's me. Not a child anymore that always ' congek ' and theirs Mummy have to ' pujuk ' them. Even tho, that's baby fault. I learn from my MISTAKE. Hehehe.. Thank You. That's all from me.

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