Thursday, September 1, 2011

HELL-O- September

Hey! Sorry for the late wishing, people! HAHA! Hello once again September. I hope that you'll be AWESOME this year. Not like the other months and the other years. Ohh! Fucking bored and hurting me much! I hate it. Yeah! HAHA! Btw, I want change once again. ARGH! Tired of being kind to the others. While they are not appreciate us at all. Kan? You oso feel the same, aite? HAHA! Pity on you and so am I. I hope I can pretend like before. HAHA! Smoking? Drunk? Hang Out? Player? HAHA! No need lahhh. Just act like usual lahhh Briey. If he still love and miss his Ex'Girlfie. You oso can miss them, aite? HAHA! You oso can bahhh. Nahhhh! He regrets kan? Menyesal return sama kau? DAMN! I should from first! I should know it. For what I should mad and jealous or discuss about it anymore? Fuck! As long as I don't give a shit to you! That's it. Ohh, September. I hope you'll change my day, my life. Okay? I hope so. Amen~

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