Sunday, August 28, 2011


Why? Why should I am BROKEN? What happen to me? What make me BROKEN? Is it you, people? Ohh! Not at all. I am BROKEN because of myself. Yeah! Really true. I don't know what should I do now. Seems like he more want his Ex'Girlfie back. Am I correct? Yes! Yesterday he texting me, I tot he was missing me? I don't know that he were missing his Ex'Girlfie! :'( I'm speechless. I can't talk anymore. My thinking suddenly stop! My tears drop down on my cheeks. Why? Why must she? Not me? Who am I to you? Who am I?! I never knew that you would said like to me, your Girlfie! I never miss my Ex'Boyfie. Because, I miss you already. Just you. No one else. You know? Yesterday I should be give up with myself. I want you to be happy with the one's that you really love. I know, seems like you'll never love me like before. It's hard for you to open your heart to me again, kan? "D" I really hope that you're my hero from first to last. For me, you're my everything. For you? I'm not at all. I'm not. I've to surrender one day. I won't force you to loving me anymore. I will stop bothering your life. I will always love you. The only name that will stay forever in my heart is'' DAVIDSON LEO ''. That's is you. People might think that I'm crazy over you, obsessed over you. NO! I'm just loving you. I don't know why. Everything is God do. Not me. I'm really appreciate you always by my side when i needed you. No one else will replace you from my heart. I can't stop loving you. Just can't stop. Never. It will be forever. Thanks for your kindness to me. I'm so in love with you. :')

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