Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My BooBie

Hey, people! I wanna introduce someone that really SPECIAL IN MY WHOLE LIFE! Hahaha. Bahhh.. He's my BooBie a.k.a Davidson Leo. My everything, my love, my soul, my heart, my baby, my boo, husbunny ENOUGH! All mine lahhhh! Habis crita. Hahaha. Ok, I'm gonna tell you about sikap dia. Sikap Si Dibit Bibit ini!
  • Caring
  • Lovely
  • Hot Tempered
  • Stylo
  • *Kenjet*
  • Kind
CrazyTrue, right? Hahaha. 100% true lahhh, dude! Btw, I really miss him. I wanna meet him again. When will we meet again like before? Need a long time to think about it again b. I hope we will be last forever. Until my last breathe. That's was my promised to him. I won't like before, dear. I will change my behave like what you told me last time. I will change, for you. I will do anything until you will love me like the first time you love me. I hope so. May God bless you always, dear. Love you so much! Very much! I really heart you! :')


  1. God bless your relationship. :) miss you. muah! muah! -^^-

  2. Chelle Lawa : Thanks my kakak! I miss you more. ^^