Tuesday, August 9, 2011


FUCK OFF! Hahaha. What's up, dude! SHUT THE FUCK UP! I hate when I'm not in a good mood! You know why? Because, I just like wanna slap on someone face bhaa~ Iknowright! LOL! When I'm not in good mood, I won't let my friends or even my mom to talking to me. Cause, I'll going INSANE in front of them. I'll throw off my stuffs until I'm really satisfy with myself! Yha! That's the true of me then. LOL! Should I say why I'm not in a good mood today? FUCK! I won't tell you, dude! Cause, it's really make me wanna SCREAM like HELL! Talk.. Talk.. Talk.. I'm bored and now I'm listening to ' Attack Attack - Stick Stickly! ' song. HELL! That's song make me FRESH again. Just like when I wake up in the morning. STUPID! Talking nonsense. Whatever! LOL! And, when I'm sad or something make me not satisfy, I'll hurt myself. I will write some words on my hand with a pen-knife. I'm not an ' EMO ', right? That will make me ok, when I hurt myself. YEAH! My friends asked me, did I love myself? I will answered them, YES. And, why you must hurt yourself. There more things that you can do and not hurt yourself. I said, this is me. I'm not like the others. Briey is Briey. Bhaa~ that's me. Okok. I'm out now. See ya!

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