Monday, July 25, 2011

Miss The Old Me

Hell 'O' peeps! I'm gonna share some story to you 'O' dude! Hahaha. I miss the OLD ME. Oh! No no no! I'm not that OLD. Haiz~ I just miss the time I play skate with my ex boy and my skaters friends! Urgh! Hell! Really miss that time. And, now. I'm gonna back to my old style. Yah! Sure. My skaters style, dude! Hahaha! Do I care? I'm not for somebody anymore. I'm back to my normal life. Without any cried, without any sadness. Yeah! DUDE! I really mean it. Should I changed this far? Oh! Sure, I'm BRIEY ok? So, who are to JUDGE me then? I'm happy with my old style. Skaters.. Many moments at that time, peeps! Hell~ Just wanna take a look and buy a new skate. Daddy! Where's your PROMISE? Never mind. I won't PRESS PRESS you Dad. Yeah! Peeps! Back to the old Briey. Briey that never know about LOVE and never know HOW TO LOVE somebody! That's the old me! Ohhh~ DAMN MAN! Wanna play skate! play skate! My old skate ' patah ' ady. Woootssss! Woootssss! Hahaha! That's all from me today. No more SCREAMO, METAL or ' JIWANGSSS '. Just me, my friends, my family & my SKATEBOARD!

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