Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lomo! Lomo! Lomo!

Hey! You may think that I'm in an insane condition right now. But, for me that's not at all. LOL! I got my own reason why I'm so addicted to this LOMO CAMERA! First, i heard some rumors that LOMO will be popular than NIKON & CANON. Yeah! That's true LOMO is better and it is the BEST for me. It's really cheap you know? Iknowright! Really cheap than you should buy CANON or NIKON for a thousand ringgit. Right? Some of the LOMO's '' berharga '' about RM28.00 or RM 38.00 I'm not really sure. But, I'm sure LOMO not to expensive. You should love LOMO. I love LOMO. OMG! I'm so ADDICTED now! Btw, let's take a look some pic of a LOMO.

This one they called it ' FISHEYE ' Kinda cute, right?
This one is ' ACTION SAMPLER '. So, colourful.
This is ' OKTOMAT '
And, finally! This is ' DIANA '. Very POPULAR among the others LOMO. I really want it! Just wait for Dad came back then. '' Terus '' go to ONE JAYA, but one for me first!

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