Saturday, July 30, 2011

A girl named Gee

Today.. I really had a great time with my family. Weeee!~ Spending time with them. Awwwsssss! So sweet de. We went to bau. Visited my aunt. Long time never seen my aunt. Really miss her. After that, my dad bring us to Fairy Cave and to 'Serikin'. LOL! Really tired today. Lastly, saya kna sunburn. SHIATT! Btw, this pic was taken at Fairy Cave. I didn't take pic at 'Serikin'. Sorry, let's take a look. Many pic by my Lil'Sis, my mumy oso. Me & my dad COOL. No need bhaa..
This is when my Lil'Sis was captured by me with BIG DINOSAUR!
This is when I was I was called her from the top of the Cafe in there.
Mumy with Lil'Sis. Love both of them. See~ Mumy so tiny right? Ikr!
I like this one! My Lil'Sis so pretty AWESOME. LOVE you GEORGIANA WENDY RICHARD LUCAS ASEP.
Look like chinese right? Ikr! So cute de.

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