Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thanks A lot..

- Ouhh.. Now i know what you really want from? Btw, thanks a lot dear. I'm really appreciate what you really want from the day we start until now. Yahh! It's easy for you, right? Sokayy, sorytee for me? Do I really care? Bhaa.. You first start make all our relationships became DUMP like this, okay? Like what i like to say ' THANKS SESANGAT SANGAT SANGAT ' right? I won't became rude, if u know how to RESPECT me! What i do all this time is, to prove that i really love you and need you at my side. I know you want to revenge me, right? Right?!!! Is it?!!! Really?!!! Now, i can't say anything. I'm really speechless. Outside of me might be O.K, but inside of me K.O already. Now, you're free. Just do what you want then. I'm ok. I won't STOP you from now onward. That's Briey. A real Briey from now onward. I really mark my words now! No excuse nor even reason from you now. I'm really hurt. You really make me hurt. Always make me cry. Not cry me a river. IKNOWRIGHT? Go.. Just go from my sight. I know it's hurting me but, i would do understand what you want honestly. Thanks a lot.

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