Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm A Holy Fool !!

- Yes , i'm a holy fool for you .. thanks , and c0ngratulations to both of you .. May God Bless your relationship .. Amen ~ I'm out from your life from now onwards .. Thanks , dear .. You made me like this .. Thanks a lot .. And i'm really appreciate it .. I'm a Holy Fool and i really love it .. I love myself more than YOU HAVE LOVE ME LONG TIME AGO !! Thanks , I HATE YOU FROM NOW ONWARDS !! I REALLY2 HATE YOU !! I HATE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW !! I NEVER GIVE A DAMN TO YOU !!! And , The Last Three Letters .. It's really true .. True for me .. My song I give to you .. I know u didn't LOVE me since you said you want to returned with me .. OMG !! I really didn't give a f*ck .. That's all ..

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